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Zia Negroni Kit Nonalcoholic

Zia Negroni Kit Nonalcoholic

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Indulge in the exquisite allure of mixology, just as Max Tucci, renowned for "The Delmonico Way," did on the esteemed Tamron Hall Show. Elevate your nonalcoholic Negroni experience with our opulent kit, meticulously crafted for the discerning connoisseur.

Inside this luxurious offering, you will find everything essential to craft the internet's adored alcohol-free Negroni, imbued with irresistible charm. Each kit generously yields 12 to 15 impeccable libations, ensuring your gatherings are marked by sophistication and flavor.

Included in this lavish ensemble:

  1. Giffard Aperitif Syrup: A fragrant infusion of exquisite botanicals, ensuring the foundation of your Negroni is nothing short of sublime.
  2. Lyre’s Aperitif Rosso: A harmonious blend of flavors, artfully replicating the essence of vermouth, for a truly authentic taste.
  3. All the Bitter Orange Bitters: An enchanting elixir, meticulously crafted to impart that unmistakable bitterness and complexity to your drink.
  4. Noughty Sparkling Rosé: The sparkling crown jewel of your cocktail, lending a touch of effervescence and a symphony of fruity notes.
  5. Signature Recipe, unveiling the secrets behind the perfect nonalcoholic Negroni, ensuring your mixology prowess shines.

Please note, the only missing piece to complete your mixological masterpiece is a cocktail shaker, allowing you to effortlessly blend these opulent ingredients into a transcendent sensory experience. Elevate your libation game with our prestigious Negroni kit, where sophistication meets flavor in every sip.

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