Who We Are

It must be tasty! More than that--irresistible. 
When we began exploring non-alc, we tasted a lot of boring and not-so-delicious beverages. So we created a collection to help others in their journey.
Choice & Co assembled the world's leading experts on hospitality to offer their expertise on creating joyful, fun, lively experiences that include adult beverages (without alcohol).
Our carefully curated marketplace makes it easy to discover irresistible non-alcoholic and alcohol-free options that not only taste Irresistible, but align with wellness goals.
Jennifer English Holding Award

Jennifer English--Brand Ambassador

  • James Beard Award winning culinary broadcaster
  • Entrepreneur & Advisor & Consultant in Food Tech, CPG, Digital Media, NFT’s and DAO’s
  • Radio Host—The Choice, Metabite, Food & Beverage Magazine Live
  • Editor-at-Large for Food & Beverage Magazine.
  • Jennifer brings her deep passion and experience for food and hospitality, her vision and clarity to her role with Choice & Co.
Black and white headshot of Kara Trim

Kara Trim--CEO

  • Recovering Attorney
  • Skilled Program Evaluator
  • Entrepreneur & Consultant for Impact and Food Tech Ventures
  • Kara brings her love of complex problems, rigorous analysis skills and passion for positive impact to Choice & Co.