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Holiday 6 Pack

Holiday 6 Pack

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Shake up your sipping game and dive into a world of taste bud tantalization! 🍹✨ Choose your adventure with our 6-pack bonanza: either get jiggy with our dazzling canned nonalcoholic cocktails or take a trip to flavor town with our oh-so-functional canned beverages. Decisions, decisions!

But hey, who says you can't have it all? Go ahead, be the ultimate flavor explorer and snag both packs—because why limit your happiness to just one collection?

Now, let's talk about these liquid masterpieces:

🍹 Cocktail Collection:

  • Edna's Paloma: A fiesta in a can!
  • Edna's Mojito: Minty freshness meets citrus bliss.
  • Edna's Mule: The kick you didn't know you needed.
  • Edna's Collins: Classic coolness, Edna-style.
  • Ish Spritz: Fizz, fruit, and fabulousness.
  • Ish Lime Daiquiri: Citrusy perfection with an Ish twist.

🌈 Functional Collection:

  • De Soi Golden Hour: Sunshine in a sip.
  • De Soi Purple Lune: Where wild berries meet cosmic delight.
  • De Soi Champignon Dreams: A mushroom magic moment.
  • Parch Spiced Piñarita: Spicy, sweet, and everything neat.
  • Hiyo Peach Mango: A tropical paradise in a can.
  • Hiyo Blackberry Lemon: Berries meet zesty goodness.

The best part? You don't have to choose a favorite—sip your way through the entire spectrum of flavors! 🌟 So, whether you're concocting cocktail magic or embracing the functional vibes, we've got the cans that make sipping an adventure.

Cheers to variety, excitement, and a sip-tastic experience! 🥳✨

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