Sip, Savor and Socialize - A Guide to Creating a Successful Nonalcoholic Beverage Program

Nonalcoholic Dark & Stormy with Lime Wedge on a table

Step into an enchanting space where laughter fills the air and friendships blossom, all without alcohol. Welcome to the world of the nonalcoholic bar, where the true essence of social connection thrives. Here, we'll unveil the secrets to curating a nonalcoholic bar that sparks wonder, inspiration, and, most importantly, a genuine sense of belonging. So, raise a glass of revitalizing elixir, and let us discover the art of stocking a bar that celebrates life's cherished moments without the need for spirits.

In our last article, we dived into the savvy business reasons behind having non-alcoholic drinks on your menu. Now, whether you're ready to kickstart a nonalcoholic bar program or take your existing one to the next level, get ready to create a lineup that'll have your guests cheering and your rivals turning green with envy!

Brunch-o-Holics Unite! Brunch is the superstar of weekends, where laughter, scrumptious eats, and a few sips are shared. But wait, who said the party had to revolve around alcohol? Let's shake things up with a non or low-alcohol brunch! It's the perfect transition point from the weekend fun to the workweek. Try whipping up a delightful nonalcoholic Mimosa or Bellini using Thompson & Scott's Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay. Get your hands on Athletic Brewing Company's Upside Dawn Golden Ale for an out-of-this-world Beer Bloody Mary. Remember to reach out to your local sober social group for some buzz-worthy ideas!

Cans: Small but Mighty! Do you need more time to be ready for a full-blown nonalcoholic spirits extravaganza? Compact, convenient, and eco-friendly, they're perfect for offering a variety of nonalcoholic cocktails and wines.

Sip Wine, Not Whine! We get it; you might've heard the "it's just grape juice" jokes, but we're here to tell you that nonalcoholic wine is legit! These wonders start with alcoholic wine and then undergo a process that removes the alcohol while preserving the exquisite flavors. Let it breathe before you sip! If it's not quite there, a dash of bitters works wonders. Try All the Bitter's stellar lineup of alcohol-free bitters. Ready to pour some impressive wine options? How about Thompson and Scott's Noughty Rouge, Wander & Found Rosé, and Giesen Sauvignon Blanc? Sip and savor the goodness!

NA Cocktails: Unleashing the Creative Mocktail Revolution! Let's face it. It's easy to fall into the trap of serving juice-based drinks or a plain margarita sans tequila and labeling them as "mocktails." It might seem like a quick fix, ticking the box for non-drinkers, but hold on! It's actually a missed opportunity to craft something extraordinary that will leave your guests amazed and beguiled. Trust us; you don't want your guest feeling like they're sipping a kiddie drink like a Shirley Temple! They're sophisticated adults whose taste buds remain vibrant, even if they've decided to pause or stop their alcohol consumption. Times are changing, and your menu should mirror the shift!

Picture this a Dark & Stormy made with Seir Hill Biscane instead of dark alcoholic rum. Zesty ginger meets the bite of lime without the alcohol. A smoky symphony of flavors with the perfect balance of tangy and sweet, paired with a mesmerizing aroma that takes mocktails to new heights! Nonalcoholic cocktails are designed to challenge the norm, captivate the senses, and celebrate the spirit of the non-drinking movement. Your guests deserve more than an afterthought on the menu; they deserve a showcase of delectable delights reflecting their sophisticated tastes and desire for a holistic and inclusive experience.

So, there you have it—a delightful array of nonalcoholic wonders that'll transform your bar program into an absolute sensation. Embrace the magic of the nonalcoholic world and let the fun-filled, flavorful journey begin. Cheers to a booze-free bonanza!

First Published in Pr%f the Magazine, Volume 3, Aug/Sept, pg 8
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