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Dry Soda Nonalcoholic Bitters & Soda

Dry Soda Nonalcoholic Bitters & Soda

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DRY Botanical Bitters & Soda deconstructs the flavors in traditional bitters and re-layers them with new notes for a complex non-alcoholic craft cocktail experience. 

Our DRY Botanical Bitters & Soda Bright/Herbal opens with a citrus and lavender collage that melds with ginger, cardamom, and sage for an herbaceous finish.

  • Zero-Proof: The complexity and ritual of a craft cocktail without the alcohol. 
  • Zero-Sugar: Bitter flavor profiles are often overlooked but are among the simplest ways to transform a basic cocktail into something unexpected. Full flavor without the sweetness. 5 calories per bottle. 
  • Made for Modern Drinking: Ready to drink out of the bottle or enjoy chilled, on the rocks, or in a zero-proof cocktail. Serve in a rocks glass with an herbal garnish. 
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