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Giffard Aperitif Syrup Nonalcoholic

Giffard Aperitif Syrup Nonalcoholic

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Giffard Aperitif nonalcoholic syrup provides the quintessential citrus and bitterness of your favorite red, bitter liqueur, but without the alcohol. In French culture, the aperitif is a centuries-old drinking tradition. Today, the aperitif craze in cocktail culture, with drinks such as the Negroni and Spritz, is finding widespread appeal. These red, bitter, citrusy concoctions are enjoyed in bars across the world. Giffard Syrups are created specifically to enhance cocktail creation. Each syrup delivers consistent, true-to-nature flavors that are the signature of the Giffard family, providing the flavor intensity that brings cocktails to life.

Five generations of the Giffard family have worked hard to continuously provide the world with quality liqueurs and syrups. Produced in France's Loire Valley, Giffard Liqueurs are made with tradition and quality, blending established processes like slow maceration, with innovative flavor inspiration. Giffard Liqueurs and Syrups improve cocktail creation with the uncompromised taste of natural fruits, herbs, and spices.

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